Seen in Jeonju

Trailers for New Korean Movies opening Feb. 23

20th February 2012

There are a lot of new movies coming the theaters this week–14 to be precise. Of them, two are listed as Korean films. The first trailer shown below is for the movie Angel’s Breath directed by and stars Han Ji-won and co-features Kim Yeong-seon. It is the story of a young man who dreams of becoming famous as a star, but has little ability and no idea how to go about making his dream a reality. His mother works hard to support and encourage him, but more often than not has to bail him out of trouble.

The second Korean movie is actually a Korean/Canadian co-produced animation Bolts and Blip. Apparently it is a movie based on a television series, but I know nothing about it. The trailer is English below.

The other 12 movies that are coming to theaters are listed according to region. From Asia we have the animated Legend of a Rabbit (ch), Nintama (jp), Naruto (jp) and The Last Chushingura. From Europe, Amelie (fr), Womb (fr), Turin Horse (hungary), and Iron Lady (uk). And from North America, Underground 4 (us), Big Miracle (us), Man on a Ledge (us) and Nitro (ca)

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