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Index of 1970 Korean Films: Jo Moon-jin

1st March 2012

Director Jo Moon-jin was born in 1935 in Manchuria, China.  After Korean liberation, his family returned to Korea. He started working in films in the early 1960s and spent nearly ten years as an assistant director, often for Kim Soo-yong.  He started directing in 1969 and during his first year, he made eight films.  In the 1970s, Jo helmed 2 dozen movies, half of these in the first three years of that decade.  Information on those films has previously been uploaded to this site and can be viewed by clicking the tab marked ‘the 1970s’ at the top of the page.  To view the images below, click the thumbnail and expand for the full-sized image.

jomoonjin1974 childhood, jomoonjin1974 curiosity,jomoonjin1974 ecstasy, jomoonjin1974 firstsnow, jomoonjin1974 tadpolescourtship, jomoonjin1976 loversintherain, jomoonjin1978 motherandthehouseguest, jomoonjin1978 oldhouse,jomoonjin1978 whensadnesstakesover, jomoonjin1978 widow, jomoonjin1979 storyofyellowvillage, jomoonjin1979 womanwhodraws

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