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Trailers of Korean Films opening March 8th

6th March 2012

There are many Korean films getting released this week in theaters and this is due to The Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) making some of their students’ films available through limited screenings.  Four of the seven movies opening are courtesy of KAFA.. Let’ start with them…
First is the animation The Dearest which starts its trailer with the brief sentence “Eun-shil is Dead”

The next is Choked and this trailer has English subtitles to make it easier to follow along

Mirage, the third offering from KAFA, one a prize at the 5th Seoul Digital Film Festival.

Sympathy for Us– which looks at the lives of characters the trailer calls ‘losers’ (and which seems like it might be pretty funny) is not on Youtube. However, you can see the trailer here:

Helpless is getting a wider release. It stars Lee Seon-gyun and Kim Min-hee. Based on a Japanese novel, a man begins to realizes that he did not know everything about the woman he was going to marry before her sudden and mysterious disappearance. Whoever uploaded it to Youtube, listed it as Train, but the official name is Helpless

Romance Joe stars Kim Yeong-pil and Shin Dong-mi.. this trailer also has English subs. (Frankly though, I don’t think this trailer was well put together… you’ll see what I mean)

Finally there is a documentary called Talking Architect.

These films are going up against the following films: Stanley’s Tiffin Box (India), John Carter (USA) and Genya, Chained Girl (Japan)

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