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Index to Korean Films, 1970s: Joo Dong-jin

10th March 2012

Joo Dong-jin is far better known as a the founder and Executive Producer of Yeonbang Movies but he was also briefly a film director in the 1970s.  He directed 8 movies during this period. The info on most of these was already uploaded, but here are the remaining three. Just click the thumbnail and expand to view the full-sized image. You can see the information on his other films, as well as those of other directors, by clicking the tab marked “The 1970s” at the top of the page.  Because there were only three movies to be listed here, I also included the single film of director Joo Yeong-jeong. 

joodongjin1974 loveeachother, joodongjin1974 luck, joodongjin1974 storyofmadpainter,jooyeongjoong1978 unsettlingafternoon

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