Seen in Jeonju

Korean Box Office: March 16-19, 2012

19th March 2012


When I saw this weekend’s box office results, I expressed surprise that Helpless had remained in the first ranked position for the second week in a row. It’s not that it was a bad film, but I did not think he had that kind of staying power, let alone being able to take more than a third of the box office total after this week.  A friend with me snarkily replied “what else was there to watch?” but my remark was not meant to be cynical. I had hope that Gabi would have done better than it did. Instead, the film about the Coffee Pot Plot to murder King Gojong came in at a disappointing fourth place  behind Chronicle and John Carter. Nameless Gangster fell to ninth and will likely fall out of the top ten before reaching five million viewers, Love Fiction came in sixth and another Korean film, Architecture 101 was given a test release ahead of its official release date on March 22. A trailer of that movie and other new Korean releases, will be posted tomorrow.

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