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K-Film Index: 1970s, Kang Beom-goo and one other

24th March 2012

76-047~4directed by kim insooRecently, I have been trying to update the index weekly, but there was a week-long delay this time. The reason is because of double whammy that forced me to search a little bit longer than I usually have to.  The last time I put up an “Index” post, I wrote at the end that up next was Kang Beom-goo and Kang Dae-ha.  Kang BG gave me the first problem, although it was entirely my fault.  While the posters for his two films no longer exist to the best of my knowledge, I was able to find original newspaper advertisements for the two remaining films of his that I had to post information for..  However, I apparently did not take a photo of The Great Boxer (1974).  That is a small annoyance and I can correct it later as I know the ad exists.  Kang Dae-ha was a bigger problem.  The KMDB and every website shows Immoral Man (1976) as his film. However, it turns out that Kang did not direct any movies in the 70s. He wrote quite a few during this decade, but his directoral debut was not until 1983.  The proof was on the poster itself.  If you look at the green letters above the title pictured above/right, you can see it says Director, Kim In-soo.  Kang is actually the writer of this movie –his name appearing in black in the upper left hand corner of the poster.  So why does every Korean site.. and even the Encyclopedia of Korean Directors have Kang credited as the director?  Tracing back, it appears to be a clerical era made in 1986. A precursor of the Korean Film Commission published a record of Korean films made between 1971 and 1985.  This is one of the sources that the Korean Film Archives used when creating their website.  The publisher of the book transcribed the original records into the text, but apparently typed Kim Dae-ha’s name twice. KOFA then used this as the basis of the KMDB which other websites and publishers look to as the source of info on Korean film.  Back in the mid-2000s, a collector donated his collection of posters through the decades to the Korean Film Archives. Because of the shear volume of posters, KOFA simply attached the images to each movie but apparently did not examine them beyond the titles.  So even though the proof of a mistake is clearly written on the poster, it escaped notice.  Until now. 

Therefore, below are the remaining two films of Kang Beom-goo and a single movie directed by Kim In-soo.  To see the rest of Kang’s films, click the tab marked ‘The 1970s’ above.  Information on the rest of Kim’s films will be posted when we eventually come to him. But up next is Kang Dae-jin.  (Click the thumbnails below and expand to see a full-sized image)

manhatten at sunset, kangbeomgoo1974 greatboxer, kiminsoo1976 immoral man

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