Seen in Jeonju

Trailers for Korean films Opening April 12th

10th April 2012

We have ten new movies opening this week, two from Korea. First we have The Scent, a new crime thriller from Director Kim Hyeong-joon and which stars Park Hee-soon and Park Shi-yeon.

We also have the sci-fi omnibus offering various end-of-the-world senarios from directors Kim Ji-woon and Im Pil-seong. (The original trailer shows a space rock rather than the eight-ball in the newer trailers. I wonder what was the reason for the change was…)

Eight other movies are opening. We have Battle in Heaven (belgium), Queen of Hearts (france), Ways to Live Forever (england) and Hamilton: In the Interest of the Nation (sweden). From the USA we have Better Life, Beauty and the Beast 3D, Battleship and Beaver

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