Seen in Jeonju

New Korean films in theaters April 26th 2012

24th April 2012

There will be three Korean movies opening this week, two films and a documentary.  The first film, from the director of Happy End and starring Park Hae-il and Kim Ko-eun, looks promising. It is called Eungyo. Here is the trailer:

Spring, Snow also looks very good but is a definite tear-jerker. A sometimes under-appreciated, aging mother learns that she has a disease may shortly claim her life.

The documentary is called Red Maria which examines the lives of women across borders, nationalities and social status and shows are they are interconnected without ever having met

The first two films look like they might have potential to do well in the box office, but they have some impressive competition in the form of the Avengers (us) which is being heavily advertised on television and is a likely candidate to come out on top. Other films being released this week are Titanic II (us), Crayon Shin-Chan (jp), Armadillo (denmark), Cat in Paris (fr) and Turn Me On, Goddammit (norway)

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