Seen in Jeonju

8th May 2012

Out of the sixteen movies opening this coming Thursday, two of them are Korean films, Strangers and Dure Sori Story

Strangers is directed by Choi Yong-seok and stars Han Soo-yeon and Yeo Hyeon-soo.  The trailer below has peaked my interest and it seems to be my style of film. While I do not expect it to impact the box office, it looks like my style film and I really want to see it.

Dure Sori Story seems to have a plot similar to any number of movies where a group of mismatched students come together to eventually form a successful music group (Korean films Zzang and Spring Blossoms jumo to mind…) the traditional nature of the music my make this appealing, especially to those unfamilar with that style of song.

As mentioned above, there are 14 other movies opening this week.. and a surprising number of these come from the Netherlands. Here’s what else will be in theaters: Saint (netherlands), Venus in Furs (netherlands), Lulu (netherlands), Meat (netherlands), Letters to Father Jacob (finland), The Seventh Seal (sweden), Micmacs (fr), Assault (fr), Dangerous Method (uk), The Divide (us/germany), Colorful (japan), Usagi Drop (japan) and Dark Shadows (us), and Like Dandelion Dust (us)

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