Seen in Jeonju

Trailers for New Movies Opening May 17th

15th May 2012

This week we have two Korean films opening this week. The first trailer if for the film Taste of Money..and what a trailer it is. This film has definitely caught my interest for the opulence of the sets. But not only that, the cast is quite good with such talents as Kim Kang-woo, Baek Yoon-shik, Yoon Yeo-jeong and Kim Hyo-jin, and the director is Im Sang-soo.

The other Korean film is All About My Wife, directed by Min Gyu-dong and starring Im Soo-jeong and Lee Seon-gyun.

For me, the choice is easy as to which movie I will see…

There are nine other movies that will be opening in theaters this week as well: First Grader (uk), Eep (netherlands), Melancholia (denmark), Cold Light of Day (us), Francesco and the Pope (germany), The Future (germany), Trash (spain), Erotibot (Japan), The Raid (indonesia)

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