Seen in Jeonju

Trailers for new Korean Movies opening June 21st.

19th June 2012

Several new Korean films are opening this week along with The Slut (is), Di Di Hollywood (es), Special Forces (fr), Big Bang (us), Yattaman (jp), and Faces in a Crowd. The trailers for the Korean films are below.

The one that seems most interesting to me among the many films opening this week is Two Weddings and a Funeral. It was directed by Kimjo Gwang-soo and stars Kim Dong-yoon, Ryu Hyeon-kyeong

The Suck Up Project, formerly dubbed with the English name The XXX-Kisser. (The X’ s are not be being coy, that is how the title was originally written).  It is directed by Jeong Seung-goo and starring Song Sae-byeok and Seong Dong-il.

Miss Conspirator is an action comedy starring Ko Hyeon-jeong and Yoo Hae-jin .. third on the cast list is Seong Dong-il ..he has been busy lately as he was also playing the lead in the above film…

Heaven is Only Open to the Single– director Jo Seong-gyu; starring Choi Yoon-so and Lee Neung-ryong.

Finally, we have 2 documentaries. The first is entitled Two Doors focussing on a recent and tragic demonstration in Seoul.

The other is the film of a Kpop concert I Am

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