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New Movies opening June 28th

26th June 2012

With summer vacation for universities in full swing and the rainy season predicted to start this coming weekend, it seems like the perfect time to head for the theaters to see a film… and with 12 new movies opening, you will certainly find one that you like. Of the new films coming we have I Spit on Your Grave (us),Cabin In the Woods (us), The Big Bang (us), Amazing Spider-Man (us) No Do (es), Wuthering Heights (uk), Nine Miles Down (uk), Q (fr), Red Nights (hk), Choy Lee Fut (ch), King of Thorn (jp) and Happy, Happy Bread (jp)

Normally, Iwould be posting the trailers for the new Korean movies here.. but as you can see, there are none…   Next week though, look for Yeongashi, a film that looks very promising.

So instead of posting trailers, I have updated the page for movies filming and awaiting release, adding about 20 titles.

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