Seen in Jeonju

Trailers for Korean Films opening July 12th

10th July 2012

This week we have no less than twenty new movies opening across Korea this coming weekend.  Five of them are Korean and their trailers are below. Films from other nations are as follows:  Cat Run (us), Everything Must Go (us), Days of Darkness (us), Limitless (us), Pool Boys (us), Anything for Her (fr), In Gold We Trust (fr), The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (uk), Street Dancer 2 (uk), Artic Blast (au), Lost in Beijing (ch), Soft Boys (jp), People of Baekja (jp), Wandering Home (jp) and Fake Sisters (jp).

The first trailer here is for the new horror film Two Moons, directed by Kim Dong-bin and starring Park Han-byeol and Kim Ji-seok.

Next we have a thriller entitled Venus in Furs starring Seo Jeong and Baek Hyeon-jin and directed by Song Ye-seob.

Dangerously Excited is a comedy directed by Ku Ja-hong and starring Yoon Je-moon and Song Ha-yoon.

I love the 70s retro title of Bloody Fight in Iron Rock Valley which matches the setting of the film and the old Hong Kong action movies it was inspired by. It was directed by Ji Ha-jin and stars Lee Moo-saeng and Yoon Sang-hwa.

The above film was only one of two that Lee Moo-saeng is starring in this week. He also leads the cast in director Bong Man-dae’s film Sex, Lies and Videotapes. This movie co-stars Ko Soo-hee.

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