Seen in Jeonju

Trailers for films opening this week: July 26

24th July 2012

There are four Korean films opening this coming week.

The first is an animation about the fish in a holding tank at a sushi restaurant.. (the comments on Youtube comparing the trailer to Finding Nemo made me laugh– this is definately NOT a petstore they are in!) The name of the film is Padak and it is directed by Lee Dae-hee and voiced by Kim Hyeon-ji and Shi Yeong-joon. It has a darker theme than Nemo and is rated for ages 12 or older.

Horror Stories is an omnibus film directed by Jeong Beom-shik, Im Dae-woong, Hong Ji-yeong, Kim Gok, Kim Seon and Min Gyu-dong. It originally screened at the Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival and is now getting a general release for those of us who didn’t go this year.

An Escalator in World Order is a documentary film by Kim Kyeong-man looking at the role of the USA in the development of Korea

And finally, we have what might be the most anticipated film of the summer in among Korean audiences, The Thieves, featuring Kim Yoon-seok, Lee Jeong-jae and many other talented actors directed bed Choi Dong-hoon. Even with Batman only in its second week in theaters, it is a pretty sure bet that this film will wind up in the number 1 spot at the end of the weekend.

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