Seen in Jeonju

New Movies in Theaters August 2

31st July 2012

Normally on Tuesday, I post the trailers of new Korean movies being released in theaters. However, this week will be an extremely light post.  There are no new Korean movies opening. In fact, I don’t believe anything that is being released this week will be any threat to the top two films in the box office, Thieves and Batman Rises.

What we have coming are Pirahna 3DD (us), Magic Mike (us), Marley (us), Rock of Ages (us), Haunted Echos (us), Grave Encounter (ca), Sammy’s Adventure (be), Swan Lake (uk), Babycall (norway), AV Idol (jp) and Animal Kingdom (au).  If I had to pick one of these movies to see, I would probably go with Grave Encounter..I’m a sucker for ghosts in movies even though I am often disappointed by them.

Oh, speaking of light content.. I did not post about the new DVDs this week, not out of laziness, but because the only thing being released was a film I had already reported..Its released date had been delayed. So there was nothing new to add….

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