Seen in Jeonju

Box Office: August 31-September 2

3rd September 2012

First, let me start off by saying that I am still having computer problems.  However, I got around it this week by typing an ‘N’ any time have have to type the number ‘nine.’  I will endeavor to keep up from this point and try to get back to posting regularly. 

Second, I had an absolutely terrible week last week with two typhoons hitting North Jeolla Province head on.  The first was a terrifying experience.  Nearly all the windows in the apartments around me lost their windows– not just the glass, but the entire frames.  I was certain my windows were going to go too from the way they were bending and shaking, but I was lucky. Others were not so lucky.  A man just at the apartments just down the street when the container box that had been converted into a guard house was blown into him.  Huge trees down takeing wires with them, ninety percent of the local fruit crops ruined and 40 percent of the fish farms were a complete loss.  I hope never to go through a storm like that again…


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