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Trailers for Korean Films Opening November 22

21st November 2012

There are six Korean films slated to open in theaters tomorrow. One of them, an omnibus for 2009 called Sai-eseo, has no trailer or English name. I was able to find an interview with the director and actor at the premiere of the film, but it was not particularly appealing visually and I decided not to post it here. However, the other films all have trailers. Take a look below…

The first film on my list is Turn It Up to Eleven 2: Wild Days in which director Baek Seung-hwa continues following the international tour of the band Galaxy Express…

Then there is Don’t Cry, Mommy directed by Kim Yong-han and starring Yoo Seon and Nam Bo-ra.

For action lovers, All Bark and No Bite will be opening as well. It stars Kim Moo-yeol and Jin Seon-gyu. The film is directed by Jo Byeong-ok

I was surprised when I saw the lead actor’s name in the next film. It is called Woosoossi and stars Choi Soo-jong. Choi was often in romantic comedies in the mid- and late 90s, but I don’t recall seeing him in very much recently. He returns in this film directed by Yoon Hak-ryeol.

Korea has had many dark periods politically in the past hundred years. This next film looks at the mid-1980s and at some unpleasant actions taken in the name of National Security. The film stars Park Won-sang and Lee Kyeong-yeong.

Finally, we have a dra,a that previously screened at the Toronto International Film Festival called Juvenile Offender starring Seo Yeong-joo and Lee Jeong-hyeon.

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