Seen in Jeonju

Korean movies opening November 29th

28th November 2012

We have four Korean films opening in theaters this week.
The first is an action film by director Jo Geun-hyeon starring Jin Gu and Han Hye-jin. The title is 26 Years.

Next, we have a comedy starring Park Ha-seon and Yoon Sang-hyeon. It is called Vocal Clinic and is directed by Kim Jin-yeong. (I have also seen this listed as Tone Deaf Clinic, but I hope Vocal Clinic is the one that is picked as the official title. KOBIS doesn’t have an English title listed as of this post)

Knock is a fantasy/horror that has peaked my interest. It is directed by Lee Joo-heon and stars Seo Woo and Kim Hyeon-seong

Finally, there is The Little Thief, a film that seems like it should be an Australain/ Korean co-production but is listed as a Korean movie. It is directed by Christoper Collins and stars Lee Yeong-soo and Madeline Lucre. Oh– the trailer is in English and contains strong language, so if you are watching at the office, turn it down…

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