Seen in Jeonju

Home for the Holidays

18th December 2012

The semester is finished, final grades are entered and the holiday season is here. That means it is time for my annual 3-week visit to the USA.  In a few minutes, I will go into Jeonju to get a shuttle bus to the airport– 4 hours.. After waiting a couple of hours in Incheon, I will fly for 12 or 13 hours to Detroit where I wait some more for my flight to Providence.  With all the waiting, it takes me more than 24 hours to get there, but then I can relax for a while.  During that time, posting will be spotty, if at all.  For some reason, my family does not appreciate when I spend time working on the computer when I am visiting…  But I will be back in January and I will catch up with posting then.  See you soon!vacation

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