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Index of the 1970s: Directors Kim Jong-seong and Kim Joon-shik

22nd June 2013

Director Kim Jong-seong was born on September 16, 1935 in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province. He attended Kookje University, majoring in International Literature and debuted as a movie director in 1977, making thirteen films by 1985.
kimjongseong1977punghyeob, kimjongseong1978rainbowinmyheart, kimjongseong1978superkungfufighter, kimjongseong1978thetrap

Director Kim Joon-shik was born in Imshil in North Jeolla Province on March 7, 1935. Immediately after graduating high school in Jeonju, Kim got a job working as part of director Ahn Jong-hwa’s staff before starting as a director in his own right in the mid-1960s. Kim was a casual director, more often working in the production area of films, and he only directed 9 movies by 1990, although his career in film extended further through the mid-90s. The majority of his movies dealth with family issues and his best is generally considered to be No More Sorrow depicted below.

kimjoonshik1978nomoresorrow, kimjoonshik1979letterfromheaven

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