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Index of the 1970s: Director Kim Ki-yeong

26th June 2013

Kim Ki-yeong (1919-1998) was born in Seoul on October 1, 1919. He and his family moved to Pyeongyang and he graduated high school there. Attempting, and failing, to enter medical school, Kim went to Japan in 1940 and studied the culture. In 1945, he finally entered Gyeongseong Dental School which at that time was attached to Seoul National University. His studies in medicine took a back seat to his extra-curricular activities when he founded the first theatrical club at SNU. When war broke out in 1950, Kim went to Busan to work for the US army making information films and news reels. His work was praised there and after the war, Kim debuted with his first movie in 1955, There is little doubt that Kim was one of the most creative directors at that time and his work is still praised today. In the 1970s, Kim directed just 10 films. I had posted plates of them earlier and these can be viewed by clicking the tab marked ‘The 1970s’ at the top of the page. Here are the remaining 7 from that decade.

kimkiyeong1974 transgression, kimkiyeong1975 promises, kimkiyeong1976 bloodandflesh, kimkiyeong1977 ieodo, kimkiyeong1978 soil, kimkiyeong1978 womanwithbutterflytattoo, kimkiyeong1979 womanofwater, kimkiyeong1979 neumi

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