Seen in Jeonju

Doggy Poo (2007)

9th January 2010

Originally posted November 23, 2007–I watched Doggy Poo on Hana tv doggy poolast night– I swear that Hana tv has everything– It has hard to find things like Song Il-gon’s The Magicians and Kim Jin-seong’s Geochilmaru. So if there are so many great options, why am I taking the time to write about a short animation about ..for lack of a better word..a turd.   Well, get all thoughts of South Park (I really hate that show) our of your head. Doggy Poo is as far removed from Mr. Hankey as possible.  This beautifully realized claymation is more inspirational. It feels like a story that might have been told by Saint-Exupery’s Little Prince and never delves into any kind of  ’toilet humor’ which the main character might lead one to expect.  As the poster on the right states, it is a story of self- discovery for little poo as he tries to find a reason for his existance. Although he is ignored by larger life forms and terrorized and instulted by various kinds of birds, Poo finds comfort, and later answers, from various inanimate objects like Clump of Dirt, Fallen Leaf and Dandelion.  Although all of these things, including Poo, are unable to move on their own, the characters are not dull and their expressions more than make up for their lack of movement.

Kwon Oh-seong has done a wonderful job at directing this animation and seems to have taken up the reigns as Korea’s best claymation director. Kwon’s other works include Animal Farm from If You Were Me: Anime Vision and Lucky Seoul. The background he has created for Doggy Poo was painstakingly detailed and very realistic.  If you enjoy books like The Little Prince, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, or Hope For the Flowers, you will also enjoy this 40-minute long movie which reminds us that everything in life has a purpose.

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