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Index of the 70s: Director Kim Tae-jong

17th July 2013

Director Kim Tae-jong has just a single movie to his name,

kimtaejong1979 whiteeagle This is something that may look familiar to anyone who was alive in the late-70s. When I was a child in the USA, an animated television program debuted in 1978 called Battle of the Planets starring a team called G-Force. Much later, I learned that this was actually modified Japanese program called Gatchaman. What you are looking at however, is not Gatchaman. It is a much inferior knockoff that would certainly land a lawsuit for copyright violation today. How inferior was it? Well, take a look below. The first video you will see is the opening for Kim Tae-jong’s White Eagle. Below that is the opening from Battle of the Planets. Judge for yourself.

White Eagle

Battle of the Planets

Waitaminute! That was terrible too! I had totally forgotten about the stupid robot.. Turns out, the original Gatchaman beginning is superior to both of the previous videos.

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