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Index of the 70s: Director Kim Yeong-hyo

20th July 2013

Kim Yeong-hyo was born on February 17, 1931 in Cheolwon, Gangwon Province. After graduating from university with an Economics degree, Kim went straight into acting appearing in minor roles in many films in the late 1950s including Shin Sang-ok’s Flower in Hell. He put his his acting career on hold to complete his military service but when he returned to the film industry, it was as a director. He worked as an assistant director for a couple of years and debuted with a film he wrote himself in the mid-1960s. Kim Yeong-hyo’s directorial career takes takes him through several decades, but he was most active in the 1970s with more a dozen films under his belt. I had already included a few of his films in the index and information on them, and films from other directors of this decade, can be seen by clicking the tab marked ‘The 1970s’ at the top of the page. Click the thumbnails below to see a full-sized image.

kimyeonghyo1974 askwithyoureyes, kimyeonghyo1974 collegestudent, kimyeonghyo1974 dontturnawayfromme, kimyeonghyo1974 wetliipsintherain, kimyeonghyo1975 youcanborrowmylove, kimyeonghyo1976 case936, kimyeonghyo1976 girlfromscratch, kimyeonghyo1978 leemoogioforyukisland, kimyeonghyo1978 shoalinwhitefightingtiger, kimyeonghyo1979 bloodygate

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