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Index of the 70s: Director Ko Yeong-nam, part 2

27th July 2013

I finished the films of Ko Yeong-nam! That is a huge step towards completing the index of 1970s Korean films. Oh, there are still quite a few to do.. and some directors with nearly two dozen films left.. but no filmographies are quite like Mr. Ko’s. Some of his films were very difficult to come up with images for. Finishing his works for this decade has me looking forward to the future. When I finish the 70s, should I continue with the 80s? Go backwards to the 60s? go to the next tab at the top of the page– the 2000s– or don’t restrict myself to any one decade, just upload images as I feel? There is still time to think about it, I am not done yet..
koyeongnam1976 battleofeagle, koyeongnam1976 bestdisciple, koyeongnam1976 forgivenwoman, koyeongnam1977 airborneoperation, koyeongnam1977 landofsnow, koyeongnam1977 pyeongyangssecretorder, koyeongnam1977 travellerwithlove, koyeongnam1978 doorofyouth, koyeongnam1978 flowershoes, koyeongnam1978 gravewood, koyeongnam1978 recordofloveanddeath, koyeongnam1978 shower, koyeongnam1979 eternalrelationship, koyeongnam1979 flamesonata

Click the thumbnails to see a larger size. And as always, go to the tab at the top of the page marked ‘the 1970s’ to see the rest of Ko Yeong-nam’s 50+ films from this decade and most other films made in Korea between 1970-79

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