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Index of the 1970s: Director Kwon Yeong-soon

31st July 2013

Director Kwon was born in Andong, North Gyeongsan Province in 1923. at a very young age, he and his family moved to Japan and did not return until his education was complete. Upon returning, he was immediately employed in the film industry as an assistant director of Han Hyeong-mo’s 1949 film Breaking the Wall.
kwonyeongsoon1974 spiesinnationalassembly, kwonyeongsoon1975 extinguishedwindow, kwonyeongsoon1975 magiccurse, kwonyeongsoon1975taebaekmountans, kwonyeongsoon1976 fantasticsword, kwonyeongsoon1978 heroofthewild, kwonyeongsoon1978 mantis

And below there is an image of a movie from Director Kwak Jeong-hwan. Information on the earlier works of Kwak had been uploaded several years ago. They can be seen by clicking the tab at the top of the page marked ‘The 1970s’
kwakjeonghwan1974 leejungseob

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