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Index of the 1970s: Director Lee Doo-yong

17th August 2013

Lee Doo-yong was born on December 24, 1942. He started working in film during the 1960s under Lee Man-hee and debuted at the beginning of the 1970s. Although largely retired, he has done some work in movies as recently as 2011. During the 1970s, Lee made 34 films, all of which are now listed on this site. One interesting thing he did was the five part Taekwan Series released in full throughout 1974.
Below are the posters and ads from Lee’s films that I had yet to upload. The rest can be found, along with the films of other directors, by clicking the tab marked “The 1970s” at the top of the page. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge.

leedooyong1974 betrayer, leedooyong1974 bridge of death, leedooyong1974 left foot of wrath, leedooyong1974 little bird, leedooyong1974 manchurian tiger, leedooyong1974 return of the onelegged man 2, leedooyong1974 return of the onelegged man, leedooyong1975 at risk of life, leedooyong1975 black night, leedooyong1975 byeongtae impressive days, leedooyong1975 disarm, leedooyong1976 duel in a violent city, leedooyong1976 secret agents 2, leedooyong1976 visitor of america, leedooyong1977 early years, leedooyong1978 confessions of life and death, leedooyong1978 police story, leedooyong1978 rely on your brother, leedooyong1979 49 days in hell, leedooyong1979 last heist, leedooyong1979 muldori village

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