Seen in Jeonju

Index to the 1970s: Director Lee Gyu-woong

24th August 2013

The first three movies listed below belong to three different directors, Lee Eun-soo, Lee Gyu-hwan and Lee Gyu-won. The rest were made by Lee Gyu-woong. To see the rest of the movies made by these directors, click the tab marked ‘the 1970s’ at the tip of the page. You can also click the thumbnails below to see larger images. Unfortunately, The Seven Valid Causes of Divorce is one of about a half dozen movies from this decade that I could find no poster, still, or VHS/DVD image.

leeeunsoo1975 woman detective mary, leegyuhwan1975 troupe of strolling actors, leegyuwon1974 seven valid causes for divorce, leegyuwoong1974 sun rises at night, leegyuwoong1974 unforgettable mothers love, leegyuwoong1975 wife of a eunuch, leegyuwoong1977 stone bell

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