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Index of the 1970s: Directors Lee Han-wook and two others

31st August 2013

This addition to the index is a catch-all for three directors who had a single movie each in this decade.
Lee Han-wook is the only director of the three listed here who had more than one movie in total. He had several films in the previous decade and I will deal with him in more detail when I deal with that decade. There is not much information listed for Lee Hyeon-goo and he probably left film for decades after his one and only stint as a director, except he returned as an actor in the 2007 film, Milky Way Liberation Front. There is also no biography listed for Lee Hyeon-jin. However, his name appears on about a dozen more films as Assistant Director starting in 1969.

leehanwook1978 floating weeds, leehyeongoo1976 dangerous woman, leehyeonjin1975 jailhouse

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