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Index of the 1970s: Director Lee Hyeong-pyo

6th September 2013

Lee Hyeong-pyo is one of my favorite directors from the ’70s. His films were not groundbreaking in this decade, but the ones I have seen have been genuinely entertaining. Lee debuted much earlier in the 1960s and continued making films into the mid-80s. He made nearly three dozen films during the 70s, sixteen of which I had uploaded plates for at an earlier date. They can be viewed by clicking the tab at the top of the page marked “The 1970s.” The remaining movies are listed below. Click the thumbnail to view a full-sized image.

leehyeongpyo1974 bue jeans, leehyeongpyo1974 car that runs on water, leehyeongpyo1974 farewell 2, leehyeongpyo1974 following to 1000 miles, leehyeongpyo1974 teacher in a girls high school, leehyeongpyo1974 three brothers, leehyeongpyo1975 beauty, leehyeongpyo1976 ever so good, leehyeongpyo1976 full of happy dreams, leehyeongpyo1976 ive never had this kind of mind, leehyeongpyo1976 seventh classroom, leehyeongpyo1976 you are the moon, leehyeongpyo1977 hooray for weirdo, leehyeongpyo1978 acting class, leehyeongpyo1978 setting sun, leehyeongpyo1979 daughter in law born in the year of the horse, leehyeongpyo1979 male housekeeper

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