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List of Film Festivals in Korea

9th January 2010

Originally posted July 1, 2009–For being a relatively small country, Korea has a lot of film festivals. Of course, most people have heard of the big three, Pusan, Jeonju and PiFan but I seem to be hearing about a new festival every month–or learning about ones I did not know existed, and I got to wondering just how many film festivals there are in Korea. A quick search on the Korean search engine Naver revealed 95, but a closer inspection showed that was not the actual number. Many of the ones listed were just one-shot events or had folded a few years ago. Some were film awards and others were events held at a certain art theater. However, the list is still quite long. If you are coming to Korea pretty much any time of year, you are likely to be able to attend a film festival. Here is the list of current festivals below. I may have missed some and I have included three others that I am not sure are still running, but it is accurate for the most part.

Seoul Independent Documentary Festival (usually March. Not held this year?)

International Women’s Festival in Seoul (April 9-16)

Jeonju International Film Festival (April 30-May  8th)

Busan Asian Short Film Festival (May 5-13)

Green Film Festival in Seoul (May 21-26)

Seoul LGBT Film Festival (aka Korean Queer Film Festival) (May 30-June 7)

Human Rights Film Festival (June 11-14)

Mise-en-Scene’s Genre Film Festival (June 24-30)

Seoul International Film Festival (usually held in June, but not this year)

Seoul International Youth Film Festival (July 9-15)

Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (July 16-26)

Migrant Worker Film Festival (July 17-19)

Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (Aug. 13-18)

Busan International Kid’s Film Festival (August 14-18)

Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival (August 20-26)

Chungmuro International Film Festival (August 24-Sept. 1)

Jeju Film Festival (late August)

Corean Network Film Festival (late August)

KBS Premiere Picture Festival (late August/early Sept)

Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul (Sept. 10-16)

Indie Anifest (Sept. 17-22)

Persons with Disabilities Film Festival (Sept. 21-25)

Seoul International Extreme Short Image & Film Festival (Sept. 23-27)

Seoul Christianity Film Festival (late Sept.)

EBS International Documentary Festival (late Sept)

Sogang Film Festival  (late Sept.)

Jeonbuk International Film & Video Festival (Oct.)

Pusan International Film Festival (Oct. 8-16)

Korea Youth Film Festival (Oct. 11-15)

Seoul International Family Film Festival (Oct. 28-Nov.3)

Megabox European Movie Festival (late October)

Korea Youth Film Festival (late Oct/early Nov.)

Asiana International Short Film Festival (Nov. 5-10)

Daejeon Independent Film & Video Festival (mid-Nov)

Daegu Independent Short Film Festival (mid/late Novemeber)

International College Peace Film Festival (late Nov.) –currently has website problems

Pink Film Festival (November–unclear if this is continuing this year)

Sth Lotte Cinema Art Film Festival (November)

Megabox Japanese Film Festival (November)

Made In Busan: Independent Film Festival (late Nov/early Dec)

Seoul Independent Film Festival (December)

Gwangju International Film Festival (December)

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