Seen in Jeonju

Fish men, serial killers, and second chances– Korean movies in theaters this weekend

20th October 2015

The following is the list of films opening for this coming weekend together with their trailers.

In THE EXCLUSIVE: BEAT THE DEVIL’S TATOO a reporter’s mistake while investigating a serial killer puts him over his head in trouble.

The first up is COLLECTIVE INVENTION which features popular model-turned-comedian Lee Gwang-soo as a merman…. sort of… (This trailer has English subtitles)

LOVE IS… has an amazing cast but the trailer does little to showcase their skills. I found a trailer with English subtitles, but they are less than perfect:

For those looking for a little more action, suspense can give THE PHONE a try.

Finally, SPEED follows a group of friends as they transition into adulthood. Despite the comic nature of the trailer– the film is listed as a romance/melodrama..

BLACK IDOLS is the only trailer without Enlish subtitles.

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