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New Start

6th October 2009

IMG_3239Oh well….  As you may have noticed, there has been some changes here.  Namely the past two plus years of archived material seems to have disappeared. Actually, ’seems to’ is wrong–it has disappeared during Koreanfilm’s  move to a new server. 

When I was told this had happened, I initially felt a wave of nausea and instantly regretted that I have a horrible habit of not saving things I write.  However, I knew that I could have only two reactions to the situation.  Reaction A would be to cry and rant against something over which I have no control.  Reaction B would be to shrug and think “Oh well…” and get right back to work blogging as soon as possible.  Seeing how much I have missed blogging, I opted for option B.  For the last five weeks, I have been dying to write on my blog and I am happy to be able to do that now even though all the older posts are gone.

On the bright side, I now have an excuse to watch all the movies I had already reviewed again.  Also, not everything I had done was lost–the plates showing images and information about old films are all saved on disks–so I will be able to repost them as soon as I am better acquainted with this new setup.

So bear with me.  I will gradually be getting things started here once more.  I have a lot of work ahead of me but it is work that I am looking forward to doing!

5 Responses to “New Start”

  1. 8537935 Says:

    Are you sure this isn’t just a temporary mistake and everything is really lost? It seems weird that somebody would change servers without making a backup.

    If your posts really are gone, I do feel sorry for you. However please don’t think that your work has been wasted – I know for a fact that I haven’t been the only one always enjoying (and in the last 1.5 month regularly missing) your reviews of old and new films alike and your coverage of the Jeonju International Film Festival.

    I am glad that you decided to keep blogging either way and maybe it would cheer you up a little if I told you that my RSS-Feedreader saved most data from this year (without the pictures) and I could help you restore some 227 posts and 118 comments.

  2. jchang Says:

    Welcome back!

  3. Chris Says:

    I suppose if you want to go the complicated, time-consuming route of getting old posts back, you can do google searches and open the “cached” links. (i.e.

    Anyway, good to have you back!

  4. Douglas Roy Says:

    I, for one am happy to see your site back up and running. Sorry to hear about the archive material being lost, but I’m glad you’re taking the ‘glass half-full’ attitude on this one. Darcy Parquet mentioned on his other blog that there might be some glitches here and there.

  5. Tom Says:

    Darcy had told me that the way the old server was set up, the only way to get backups was to request them directly. He has done that, but the people running the server have not responded and are not answering his calls.

    I will wait a little longer and see what happens, but I may be interested in the reviews anyone had saved. I can also do Google searches for others. I do not think I need to restore old Box Office info–I can start fresh with that this week.

    If the old server actually saved everything on backup and it can be restored, that is great. But I am following the old saying “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” If there is no backup, I am prepared to go on without it.