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Korean Box Office: February 12-14

15th February 2010


As I added in an edit to my post last week, the title of the film which the Korean Times called Blood Brothers (a direct translation of the Korean title) has been officially named Secret Reunion in English. So it is in its second week at number 1 in the box office.  Personally though, I prefer the title Blood Brothers– The new films opening last week managed to clear out a lot of the hangers on that have been lingering in the box office for a while, but none of them did very well except for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. 

I am looking forward to Neighbor Zombie opening this coming week, but I have no delusions about how it will do in the box office. I just hope that it will open nearby. Below is the list of films opening this coming Thursday.


A. Hachiko: A Dog’s Story (us)– d. Lasse Hallstrom, starring Richard Gere, Joan Allen

B. Neighbor Zombie (kr)– d. Ryu Ho, Oh Yeong-doo, Jang Yoon-jeong, Hong Yeong-geun

C. Parallel Life (kr)– d. Kwon Ho-yeong, starring Ji Jin-hee, Lee Jang-hyeok

D. Vegetarian (kr)– d. Im Woo-seong, starring Chae Min-seo, Kim Hyeon-seong

E. Whip It (us)– d. Drew Barrymore, starring Ellen Page, Drew Barrymore

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