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Reposting movie plates

16th February 2010

When Seen In Jeonju started in July 2007, I began a category of posts indexing Korean films. My goal was to include each movie ever made with the complete known cast and primary staff members all written in English along with a plot synopsis and image of the film. To collect the images, I spent long hours in the basement of Woosuk University’s library photographing old newspaper advertisements. I would then photoshop all the information together for posts here. I had originally started with the 1970s because I knew they would be some of the hardest years to get through–each year having about two-hundred films or more in the early part of that decade.  I posted about 10 per week until I had completed 1973 (which for some reason I started with–I can’t remember why I did that) and then worked backwards through ‘72, 71 and had just started posting the films of 1970 when we experienced the server problems and they were all lost.  Well, not lost exactly…I naturally have them saved on disks with two back-ups for each year. This is a lot of work, I don’t want to lose it.

But I had been reluctant to post them again even though I continue making these plates for other years and decades. (I have the 70s almost finished, images for much of the 60s as well as gathering images for the 2000s….why I don’t go in chronological order, I do not know…).  It is a daunting task to repost these. There were easily more than 700 plates that were up originally.  However, I recenlty found a feature of this new blog that got me motivated to start posting them again. I discovered that I can create new pages. As you can see on the tabs above (just below the blog’s logo) there is a new page called Movies of the 70s. Listed there are all the films that I had previously posted on this blog as plates in order by the director’s family name.   I will begin reposting these films and link them to the director.  Eventually, you will be able to click any of the titles of the directors work to discover information about that movie. I am thinking of uploading 20-30 movies each week which will get me caught up by the end of the year. I can then expand that list to include the rest of the 70s.

It will take years to complete..if it is even possible to do so. But I enjoy doing it and learn a lot along the way. If you see any mistakes or want to comment about a movie you saw, feel free to write.

<Edit> It took me a while to figure out how to get the thumbnails clickable, but I finally got it and I succeeded in linking the images from the new page as well. It took a few tries though, three out of the twelve kept coming up as broken links –but after several tries, I finally got that too. Hopefully, it will get easier for me as I go.

1970-01 1970-02 1970-03 1970-04 1970-05 1970-06 1970-071970-081970-09 1970-10 1970-11 1970-12

2 Responses to “Reposting movie plates”

  1. ryan Says:

    Thanks a lot. This is a cool, and useful, reference tool. Definitely for me, as I’m pretty much in the early stages of my Korean film history journey..

    I recently started a simple chronology of Korean films in a plain text file, taking all the films mentioned in KOFIC’s “Korean Film History” as the backbone, then I will flesh it out as I go along. If nothing else, it is fun and informative.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  2. Tom Says:

    Thank you for the words of encouragement! I really didn’t know if anyone besides myself would find these old movies interesting. I am very happy that you like them!