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DVD releases: Feb. 21-27

20th February 2010

sword with no name 3

This week, there are two versions of The Sword With No Name being released on February 23.  First up we have the three-disk version picutured above. The first disk contains the movie with two, optional commentary tracks. One set of commentaries is by the director and actors (Su Ae, Choi Jae-woong and Kim Yeong-min). The second track has comments by the director, cinematographer and music director.  Disk 2 has chapters labeled Making of Film, Production Design, Actor Interviews, Action Story, Deleted Scenes, Poster Photoshoot and Trailer. The final disk contains the OST and a picture book is included in the box. The movis is rated for audiences ages  15+, has subtitles in Korean and English and comes with a suggested retail price of 27,500.

sword with no name 2Being released on the same day is also a two-disk version. This contains just disks one and two as described above–the OST and book are not included. The recommended retail price of the two-disk set is 25,300. This makes it clear to me–I will be buying the three-disk set. The difference in price is just about 2000KRW which is nothing. I have to admit that I am not interested in the OST, but the book looks good. Some of you might remember that I am not really a fan of this movie as well and you might be wondering why I am buying the more expensive version. Frankly it is becuase I like the producers of DVDs go the extra distance to provide extras like nice looking packaging and books with the disks. Several years ago, it was a common thing but these days it seems we just get very basic plastic box and we are lucky if a second disk is included at all. I would like to see more DVDs released with the same treatment as Sword With No Name and the recent release of Haeundae and the best way to see that happen is to purchase what is offered to let the makers of DVDs know this is what I want.

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