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Index of the 1970s: Director Lee Seong-min

27th October 2013

Director Lee Seong-min was born on November 6, 1944. After graduating from the Department of Performing Arts at Joongang University, Lee began work immediately as an assistant director working under a variety of directors including Lee Seong-goo and Park No-shik. He debuted as a full director in 1976. Although not a prolific director, Lee continued to make movies on and off until the early 1990s. In the 1970s, he has four films to his name. To see the films of other directors from this decade, click the tab marked ‘The 1970s’ at the top of the page. (Soon there will be a 1970s B added to the top menu. I have added the maximum amount of links to the THE 1970s– I cannot enter that page to edit anymore. So 1970s B will include films, starting with information on Lee Seong-goo’s posted last weekend, that do not yet have links attached to them. Other decades, except the 1960s, have fewer films than the seventies, so I don’t expect I will have to do this for each ten-year period)

leeseongmin1976 wild forest, leeseongmin1976 season of love, leeseongmin1978 two minus three, leeseongmin1978 shouting flag

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Index of the 1970s: Director Lee Sang-goo

12th October 2013

Lee Sang-goo was born on March 10th, 1944. He graduated from Joongang University where he majored in Performing Arts. Almost immediately after graduating, Lee began work as an assistant director, often under Ko Yeong-nam. He was only 22 when he began his career in film. In the early 1970s, Lee debuted as a director and he made two films in his debut year. His career was not as prolific as his contemporaries and he only made eight films in total and seven of those were made in the decade we are covering here. (Note: The KMDb assigns the 1975 film Fury of the Sun to Lee Sang-goo. This is incorrect. That film was made by Lee Seong-goo. Daum Movies has this listed correctly and a check of the original records confirms that Daum is correct) After his final film in the early 1980s, Lee became a professor at Donghae University and most recently was working as the CEO of Yewoo Productions. Information on his three earliest films had been uploaded previously and can be viewed by clicking the tab at the top of the page marked ‘the 1970s’ and scrolling down the alphabetical list of directors. Below are plates showing posters and information the rest of the five films he made during the seventies. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

leesanggoo1974- last showdown, leesanggoo1976- great fighter, leesanggoo1977- woman who brought the storm, leesanggoo1978- mark of the black dragon

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Index of the 1970s: Director Lee Jeong-ho

20th September 2013

Director Lee was born on November 27, 1935. He graduated from Hongik University with a BA in Applied Arts. From there, he went straight into working in film, debuting as a director in 1966. He only has a handful of films to his name, most of them in the 1970s. After 1979, he did not direct anything more, however he worked as a cinematographer on Kim Cheong-ki’s 1997 animation, Im Keok-jeon: Korean Robin Hood. Below are listed his films in 1970s. Click the thumbnail to see the full-sized images. Information on the other directors from this decade completed up to this point can be viewed by clicking the tab marked “the 1970s” at the top of this page.

leejeongho1971 444 jongro st, leejeongho1975 man causing a typhoon, leejeongho1977 iron fisted monk, leejeongho1978 one armed against nine killers, leejeongho1979 wild big boys

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Index of the 1970s: Director Lee Jang-ho II

15th September 2013

Lee Jang-ho was born in Seoul on May 15, 1945. He attended university at Hongik University where he majored in Architecture. He hated it. Instead, he wanted to study film and make movies. So he began working and studying under director Shin Sang-ok. He made just a handful of films in the 70s, debuting in 1974. Of these movies, The Heavenly Homecoming of the Stars is probably the most well-known, but he would go on to greater fame during the 1980s. Below are his films from the 70s. You can click the thumbnails to see a larger image. You can also visit the tab marked “the 1970s” at the top of the page for information and images from other films produced during that decade.

leejangho1974 heavenly homecoming of the stars, leejangho1974 it rained yesterday, leejangho1975 you become a star too, leejangho1976 yes goodbye today

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Index of the 1970s: Director Lee Jae-woong

8th September 2013

Lee Jae-woong was born on May 13, 1938 in Seoul and went on to attend Hanyang University, majoring in Electronics and he enter the film industry right after graduation. The first time his name is known to appear in film credits is as the director of the 1959 film, She Should Live. He continued in Sound from that time through 1995 when his last film was The Korean National Flower. He only directed two films, both during the 1970s. These are listed below. Click the thumbnail to view the plate clearly. Information on the works of other directors from this decade can be seen by clicking the tab at the top of the page marked “The 1970s”

leejaewoong1974 stop the earth, leejaewoong1976 lions of the sea

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Index of the 70s: Director Lee Hyeok-soo

31st August 2013

The man who would work in Korean cinema as Lee Hyeok-soo was born on July 18, 1938 as Lee Chang-soo. Moving from his home in Gyeongsan in North Gyeongsang Province to Seoul, Lee graduated from the Sarabeol Art College with a major in Film and Performing Arts. He started working in film as an assistant director in 1964 and directed his first film in 1967. His final film was in 2002, but he was active in other ways as an officer in both the Association of Korean Film Directors and The Motion Picture Association of Korea. Lee made 22 films in the 1970s, four I had already indexed, the remaining 18 are listed below. To see images of his other films, click the tab at the top of the page marked The 1970s. Click the thumbnails below to see full sized images.

leehyeoksoo1975 kim choon sam, leehyeoksoo1975 woman warrior, leehyeoksoo1976 family, leehyeoksoo1976 righteous martial party, leehyeoksoo1976 three secret killers, leehyeoksoo1976 vicious plot, leehyeoksoo1977 black mark of shaolin, leehyeoksoo1977 call me samryong, leehyeoksoo1977 hedgehog of the third quay, leehyeoksoo1977 hedgehog, leehyeoksoo1978 12 heavenly kings, leehyeoksoo1978 kung fu dalma, leehyeoksoo1978 master mokryeon, leehyeoksoo1978 pacheon martial arts, leehyeoksoo1978 seven man of kung fu, leehyeoksoo1979 camellia man, leehyeoksoo1979 sirasoni, leehyeoksoo1975 blood relations

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Index of the 70s: Director Ko Ho

23rd July 2013

I was all set to write off Director Ko as a one-hit wonder..and his film wasn’t even a hit.. Fortunately, after a little searching, I learned that Director Ko Ho was actually Ko Eung-ho, a moderately prolific director of the 1980s. Ko Eung-ho was born in Seoul on January 4, 1941 and attended Geonguk University majoring in law. He was not at all interested in the systematic study of law and claimed he was far more interested in studying society and the various kinds of lives people live. After graduating in the late 60s, he started to work as an assistant director– most often under Director Choi In-hyeon and debuted as Ko Ho in 1978 with the film shown below. This was the only film for which he used an alias and it was his only movie that he directed in this decade. We will be dealing with him again when I begin the movies of the 1980s..
koho1978 flyingilchimae

To view images of the filmographies of other directors from this decade, click the tab marked ‘the 1970s” at the top of this page.

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Index of the 70s: Director Kim Yeong-hyo

20th July 2013

Kim Yeong-hyo was born on February 17, 1931 in Cheolwon, Gangwon Province. After graduating from university with an Economics degree, Kim went straight into acting appearing in minor roles in many films in the late 1950s including Shin Sang-ok’s Flower in Hell. He put his his acting career on hold to complete his military service but when he returned to the film industry, it was as a director. He worked as an assistant director for a couple of years and debuted with a film he wrote himself in the mid-1960s. Kim Yeong-hyo’s directorial career takes takes him through several decades, but he was most active in the 1970s with more a dozen films under his belt. I had already included a few of his films in the index and information on them, and films from other directors of this decade, can be seen by clicking the tab marked ‘The 1970s’ at the top of the page. Click the thumbnails below to see a full-sized image.

kimyeonghyo1974 askwithyoureyes, kimyeonghyo1974 collegestudent, kimyeonghyo1974 dontturnawayfromme, kimyeonghyo1974 wetliipsintherain, kimyeonghyo1975 youcanborrowmylove, kimyeonghyo1976 case936, kimyeonghyo1976 girlfromscratch, kimyeonghyo1978 leemoogioforyukisland, kimyeonghyo1978 shoalinwhitefightingtiger, kimyeonghyo1979 bloodygate

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Index of the 70s: Director Kim Soo-yong

14th July 2013

Kim Soo-yong was born September 23, 1929 in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province. Almost immediately after graduating from what is now known as Seoul Sabeom University, he joined the army as an English translator and later transfered to the film division of the army’s PR Department. In 1955 he made a dozen films for the army. By 1957, Kim was out of the army and began work in the film industry, debuting with his own film in 1958. In the 1970s, Kim directed no less than 33 films. Some of these I had previously uploaded information about, here are images of the films I had not yest posted. To view the rest of the movies of this director, or others from the 70s, just click the tab at the top of this page marked ‘The 1970s.” Click the thumbnails to view a larger image.

kimsooyong1974 earth, kimsooyong1974 instinct, kimsooyong1975 birdofparadise, kimsooyong1975 truthoftomorrow, kimsooyong1975 wasteland, kimsooyong1976 myloveelena, kimsooyong1976 similartoes, kimsooyong1976 windmillofmymind, kimsooyong1976hotwindinarabia, kimsooyong1977 forestfire, kimsooyong1977 scissorsrockpaper, kimsooyong1977 splendidouting, kimsooyong1977 twodecades, kimsooyong1977 voyagedenuit, kimsooyong1978 firebird, kimsooyong1978 soundoflaughing, kimsooyong1978swampofexile, kimsooyong1979 conditionsoflove, kimsooyong1979 lonelinessofthejourney, kimsooyong1979 rainbow, kimsooyong1979 runmanseok

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Index of the 1970s: Director Kim Seong-soo

4th July 2013

I just came back from a trip to Jeju Island and I am keep dozing off.. I had a great time, but I need a nap! So I will keep this short. Fortunately, the next director on the list is Kim Seong-soo, (1938-2004) and had only two movies in the decade covered by the post. He was born Kim Seok-gyu in Ulsan on September 20, 1938. While he was attending Seokgyunkwan University in Seoul, he also took classes at a film academy and that proved to be where his passion lay. He starting working as an assistant director in the mid-60s and debuted with his own films in the late seventies. His career took him through the middle of the 1990s. Kim Seong-soo is a common name and this Kim should not be confused with another director, still active today, who shares that name. There have also been several actors by that name as well. To see more films from directors from the 1970s, just click the tab marked ‘the 1970s’ at the top of this page.
kimseongsoo1978 comebacktopusan, kimseongsoo1978 atoasttous

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