Seen in Jeonju

Korean Box Office: April 2-4

7th April 2010


Clash of the Titans left absolutely no doubt as to its popularity by taking 65 percent of the national box office this past weekend. Nationally, no other film’s percentage made it into the double digits. The only surprise last weekend was the presence of Runaway From Home (Jib Naon Namja–??? ??)   among the Jeonju Box Office rankings.  The film was released only in two theaters–both in Jeonju.  It is very unusual where a small art film  is released here and not in Seoul. Usually it is the opposite case.  I hope this is the start of more art films being released regularly outside of Seoul… The movie which I have also seen listed now as Searching for My Wife will be released throughout the country this weekend. (the title Runaway from Home came from Daum, Searching for My Wife from Koreanfilm.Org–so in the future I will refer to it as Searching for My Wife)

Incidently, in case you were wondering what happened to the list of films coming this week, my laptop had completely died last weekend. Which is fine. It was seven years old and I had been thinking I needed a new one anyway. I went out on Saturday afternoon and bought another.  The problem was the new Photoshop program I got with it.  I had been using Photoshop 3 for years and thought I needed an upgrade. The latest version is Photoshop 7 which is much different. I have been relearning it this week and expect things will be back to normal

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