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Korean Box Office: July 23-25

25th July 2010


Normally, I am pretty good at being able to predict what the box office will do from week to week. But I admit that I completely missed the boat this time. I had said that I did not think the new movies that opened last week would have much effect on the box office especially since most of them were children’s films which traditionally don’t do very well. Instead, they completely reshuffled the box office rankings. Of the movies that were already in theaters, only Moss fared decently–the rest were overwhelmed. The science fiction action film Inception took the top spot though forcing Moss to slip a place to the number two position. Everything else dropped three to five tiers. This coming week, eight new movies are opening. Of them Salt and Death Bell 2 may do well–but I was so far off last week that I am reluctant to make any predictions.  The new movies opening are listed below.


1. Cracks (uk)– d. Jordan Scott, starring Eva Green, Juno Temple

2. Death Bell 2 (kr)– d. Yoo Seon-dong, starring Kim Soo-ro, Hwang Jeong-eum

3. Doraemon (jp)– d. Kozo Kushuba voiced by Moon Nam-sook, Kim Heong-ah (Korean dubbed version)

4. Forgotton Bag (kr)– d. Kim Sang-cheol, starring Kwon Oh-joong, Lee Hyeon-woo

5. Oceans (fr)– d. Jacques Perrin <documentary>

6. Perfect Educations 7: Maid for You (jp)– d. Kenta Fukasaku, starring Kotaro Yanagi, Ayano

7. Salt (us)– d. Phillip Noyce, starring Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber

8. Taking Woodstock (us)–d . Ang Lee, starring Demetri Maritn, Imelda Stauton

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