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Korean Box Office: October 3-5

7th October 2009


So much has happened since I last was able to post a box office, but I will sum it up briefly. Korean films have been doing very well since the summer months.  Haeundae earned a place for itself among the most watched Korean films in history with more than 11 million tickets sold.  Take Off emerged as a sleeper hit and has had nearly 8 million viewers in theaters–more than that if you comebine it with the uncut version that was released two weeks ago.  Goodbye Mother eventually knocked Take Off from the number one spot, but it was quickly replaced by My Love Beside Me which is now in its second week at number 1. (I just found out that the movie I translated as My Love Beside Me will be known as Closer To Heaven)

Coming This Week to Korean Theaters


A. Funny Games U.S. (uk/us) -d. Michael Haneke starring Naomi Watts, Tim Roth

B. Good Rain (kr)- Hur Jun-ho starring Jeong Woo-seong, Yuanyuan Gao <Good Rain may not be the official title>

C. Hello My Love (kr)- d. Kim Ah-ran starring Jo An, Min Seok

D. Konna Otona No Onnaknoko (jp) – d. Masamori Tominaga, Erika Oda, Akiko Monou

E. Let the Blue River Run (kr) – Kang Mi-ja starring Kim Ye-ri, Nam Cheol

F. Where is Jeong Seung-pil (kr) d. Kang Seok-beom starring Lee Beom-su, Kim Min-seon


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