Seen in Jeonju

Index of the 70s: Im Kwon-taek, part 2

20th November 2011

I finally finished the 39 films director Im Kwon-taek produced in the 1970s. These are the final ten. Click the thumbnail and enlarge to see a full-sized image or go to the tab marked ‘the 1970s’ at the top of the page to see images and information on all of his films and those of other directors as well. Up next: Im Won-shik

imkwontaek1976 wife, imkwontaek1977 imjininvasionwolhyang, imkwontaek1977 lifeofokrey, imkwontaek1978 evergreen, imkwontaek1978 familypedigree, imkwontaek1978 mothersfaceabovewaves, imkwontaek1978 soclosesofar, imkwontaek1979 divinebow, imkwontaek1979 noglory, imkwontaek1979 tomorrowandtomorrow

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