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Index of Korean films, 1970s– Jeong So-yeong

16th February 2012

Director Jeong’s 20 year career as a director started in the late 1960s and he made 21 films during the 70s.  He is famous for the series creating a four part series of movies that were incredibly popular but whose English name varies– It is listed here as “Farewell My Love” because that is what KOFA entitled the third edition of this film, released in 1970 and thus the first I encountered while building this index. However the title is often listed as I Hate You but Once Again, or Love You Again, or even just Again as with the 2002 remake. Regardless, Jeong was a master of melodrama as you will be able to see from the 12 movies listed below. His other nine from this decade were listed at an earlier date and information on them can be viewed by clicking the tab at the top of the page marked ‘the 1970s’ .  To view the thumbnails below, click and then click again to expand the image.

jeongsoyeong1974 maturity, jeongsoyeong1974 whitehandkerchief, jeongsoyeong1975 graduationexam, jeongsoyeong1975 sadsanfrancisco, jeongsoyeong1975 whereisthelight, jeongsoyeong1976 iconfess, jeongsoyeong1976 returntothefatherland, jeongsoyeong1978 lastwinter, jeongsoyeong1978 womanibetrayed, jeongsoyeong1979 lastteacup, jeongsoyeong1979 themanileft, jeongsoyeong1979 youaremydestiny

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