Seen in Jeonju

Trailers for new Korean films opening March 15

13th March 2012

This coming week, we have four new Korean films opening this week.  The first is Gabi, a film dramatizing the “Coffee Pot Plot” … an assassination attempt on the life of His Majesty King Gojong in 1897… (The trailer says 1896, but the murder attempt is covered in the Independent and talks place the following year).

One of my favorite directors returns with a new movie this week. Jeon Soo-il eighth film is Pink, centered on a bar on the coast and its patrons.

Home Sweet Home is directed by Moon Shi-hyeon and stars Kim Yeong-hoon and Yoo Ae-kyeong.

Also returning to the big screen this week is actor Bong Tae-gyu in Byeon Seong-hyeon’s new film Youth Groove.

Other movies opening this week include The Vow, Freerunner, Seeking Justice and Chronicle from the USA, Flying Sword and Dragon Gate and 1911 from China, and My Back Page and Keibetsu from Japan.

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