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Index of Korean Films, 1970s: Kim Eung-cheon part 1

11th May 2012

Although Kim Eung-cheon had been directing films since the late 50s, he hit his stride in the 70s with his ‘high-teen’ dramas, second only perhaps to Director Seok Rae-myeong.  I was hoping to post all of his films this week, however I was only able to finish creating plates for a little more than half of his movies from this decade. I will post info on the rest of his films next week.

kimeungcheon1974 jinasletter, kimeungcheon1975 girlsgraduatingschool, kimeungcheon1975 promise, kimeungcheon1975 trueloveforwife, kimeungcheon1976 greenlove, kimeungcheon1976 letstalkaboutyouth, kimeungcheon1976 prayerofagirl, kimeungcheon1977 firstsnow, kimeungcheon1977 highschoolchamp, kimeungcheon1977 weddingday, kimeungcheon1977 whenwegrowup, kimeungcheon1978 missyangsadventure

To see the full-sized plates, just click the thumbnails and expand. You can also search through the directors of the 70s by clicking the tab at the top of this page marked ‘the 1970s.’  Oh, I am also including the lone film of this decade from Director Kim Dae-hee. We’ll be seeing more from him when I get to the 1960s…

kimdaehee1974 crashlandingofyouth

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