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Index of Korean Films 1970s: Kim Hyeong-joon

14th July 2012

kimhyeonyong--1978mazingaxThis week I am listing two directors here as neither made many films during the 1970s.  The first is Kim Hyeon-yong who made exactly one film in his life–an animation that copies the Japanese character Mazinger Z far more than it should have and made no effort to hide it. Meet Mazinga X!  As always, click the thumbnail to view the full-sized image… and you can access the films of other directors from this decade by clicking the tab marked ‘The 1970s’ at the top of this page.


The other director whose films I have included today is Kim Hyeong-joon. He was involved in the making of several co-productions with Hong Kong filmmakers. The movie I have listed here as Magnificent Fist can be found on the KMDb under the title The Fighter with Miraculous Martial Arts.  I did not change the title on a whim because the latter is unwieldly. Instead I chose the shorter English  title as that is what the movie was released under in Hong Kong in 1979.

kimhyeongjoon-- 1976righteousfighterku, kimhyeongjoon1977fighterwith2faces, kimhyeongjoon--1978magnificentfist  Next time:  Director Kim In-soo

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