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K-Film Index of the 1970’s: Director Kim In-soo.. oh, and Kim Hyo-cheon

29th July 2012

Last time I had posted an entry for the Index of 1970’s Korean films, I mentioned that the next director I would cover would be Kim In-soo. However, I have been doing these in alphabetical order and next on the list should have been Kim Hyo-cheon.  I accidently overlooked him because I had previously entered 24 of his films from back when I was entering movies by year instead of by director. Because of that, his filmography from the 70s looked full. It was only upon closer examination I realized I needed two more movies, both about the historical figure Kim Du-han.  The other reason I nearly skipped over him was because Kim In-soo’s films seem so much more interesting– a mix of horror, high teen, action.. that I was anxious to get started with his. 

But in fairness, let’s start with Kim Hyo-cheon.  To start, his real name was Kim Chi-han and he was born in Daegu in 1935,  He graduated from the Korea Mercantile Marine College majoring in Navigation. For a time, he worked in that field, but he felt no love for the job and had long wished to be a movie director. He had written a handful of screenplays in the early 1960s but it was through the recommendation of a mother of a child actor that he got the chance to debut as a director in 1967.  As I previously mentioned, I uploaded plates on 24 of his 26 films made in the 1970s. To view these, click the tab marked ‘The 1970s’ at the tip of this page.  His final two films in this decade are below. Click the thumbnail to view the full-sized image.

kimhyocheon--1974truestorykimduhan, kimhyocheon--1975righteousfighterkimduhan

Kim In-soo was born Kim Beom-soo in Incheon in 1939. He graduated what was formerly called Hangwang Public High School (now Dongbook High School) and does not appear to have gone to a university. He worked as an assistant director in the late 1960s and debuted as a director in his own right in 1971 and made 13 films in the decade covered in this post. He continued to make films into the 1990s. Information on three of his films had been uploaded previously. Here are the final 10.

kiminsoo-- 1974evilspirit, kiminsoo-- 1974nasang, kiminsoo-- 1976greenfallenleaves, kiminsoo-- 1976ilikeyou, kiminsoo-- 1976shallitell,

kiminsoo-- 1976specialvictimskiminsoo-- 1978experience, kiminsoo--1977kungfukid, kiminsoo--1977specialinvestagatorbat, kiminsoo-- 1978stormboy

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