Seen in Jeonju

Trailers for Korean movies opening November 8th

7th November 2012

Yikes!  I just logged in to put up the trailers and found I had 9500 comments waiting for approval!!  Of course, they are mostly spam, but the most this blog has generated before is about 300 a day!  Even cleaning up in bulk is going to take a while… ** I have temporarily changed comments to ‘registered members only’ because new spam was coming in faster than I could delete it.. someone really wanted me to buy anti-depressents online. After two days I have gotten the spam all cleared up. I will change the comments section back to normal after a few days

I did not write a review last weekend– I would up turning off Rice Cakes from 1988 before I got even halfway through, but I did update the films in production and awaiting release sections which can be seen via the menu on the left….

There are three Korean movies being released tomorrow.  Here are their trailers, plus one bonus..

First we have CONFESSION OF A MURDER directed by Jeong Byeong-geol and starring Jeong Jae-yeong and Park Shi-woo.

Next we have MODERN FAMILY, an omnibus directed by Kim Seong-ho, Lee Soo-yeon, Shin Soo-won and Heum Ji-yeong. It stars Jeong In-gi and Kim Ji-yeong among many others…

And finally we have TOUCH, directed by Min Byeong-hoon and starring Yoo Joon-sang and Kim Ji-yeong..

The ‘bonus’ I mentioned earlier is not a Korean film, but one produced in Singapore. I am mentioning it here because it stars Korean actor Jang Hyeok as ..a ballroom dancer!? The movie is called DANCE OF THE DRAGON

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