Seen in Jeonju

Housemaid Update

24th December 2009

There have been further updates on the cast on the upcoming remake of the classic Korean film The Housemaid.  Several months ago it was announced that Jeon Do-yeon would be playing the title role under the direction of Im Sang-soo. On December 24, the male lead was finally cast.  Lee Jeong-jae (Oh! Brothers, Typhoon) will be playing Dong-shik, the man who lets the crazed maid destroy his family. 

It was also announced by the production company MiroVision on December 16 that Seo woo, of many tv dramas and the recent movie Paju, will play Hae-ra in the film.  Filming begins during the last week of this month.

On an unrelated note–I may be unable to post for the next week.  I will be meeting a former student/friend on the day after Christmas in Providence and fo with him to College Station, Texas. He was recently accepted into the graduate program at Texas A&M and I will be helping him find an apartment, settle in and, if possible, travel to the Gulf of Mexico.  I will return to Rhode Island on January 2 and catch up on some posting then. 

So, in the meantime, Happy New Year!

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