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Index of the 70s: Director Kim Shi-hyeon

6th July 2013

Director Kim Shi-hyeon was born in Daegu on December 27, 1935. After finishing high school in his hometown, Kim moved to Seoul and entered the Pharmaceutical Department at Seoul National University. It was not for him and he dropped out during his second year of study. In 1964, he landed a job as an assistant director working under Jeong Cheong-hwa and debuted as a director in his own right the following year. In the decade related to this post, Kim made 32 films. Several of these I had previously posted images for and can be viewed by clicking the tab at the top of the page marked ‘The 1970s.’ The rest are below. Click the thumbnail to view the full-sized plate:
kimshihyeon1974 awanderinghero, kimshihyeon1974 blackleopard, kimshihyeon1975 blackspider, kimshihyeon1975 farewell, kimshihyeon1975 secretgoing, kimshihyeon1975 spyremaining behind, kimshihyeon1975 tombofastrongman, kimshihyeon1976 chasewithouttomorrow, kimshihyeon1976 greatescape, kimshihyeon1976 righteousfighteriljimae, kimshihyeon1976 seoljoongmae, kimshihyeon1976 tragicmaninseonghwa, kimshihyeon1976 vagabondiljimae, kimshihyeon1977 6milliondollarman, kimshihyeon1977 apatrioticfamily, kimshihyeon1977 fistoftigermissionginseng, kimshihyeon1977 hotcoolvicious, kimshihyeon1977 lastfistoffury, kimshihyeon1978 fivebrothers, kimshihyeon1978 womanknighterrant, kimshihyeon1979 100dayflowerandfist, kimshihyeon1979 fivemurimswordsmen, kimshihyeon1979 nevergiveup

If you look at nothing else, you should at least treat yourself to the beautiful poster for Black Spider!

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