Seen in Jeonju

Korean Box Office: September 3-5

6th September 2010


The Man From Nowhere managed to hang on to the number one spot for yet another week bringing its total number of viewers to over 5 million.  Inception also gained over five million viewers and rose three places in the national box office while dropping an equal amount here in Jeonju. Bedeviled, a film I was looking forward to, wound up not opening anywhere in the North Jeolla Province so I was unable to see it. Nor could I have seen it if I went to Daejeon–about an hour or an hour and a half away. I would have had to gone down to Gwangju to watch it. Bedeviled opened on just 76 screens nationwide. 33 of these were in Seoul and 21 were in Busan. In Seoul, the movie ranked 9th but in Busan, Bedeviled ranked 4th. I feel they missed their bet not opening the movie here. I think it would have done well.   Next week, even The Man From Nowhere is likely to drop down one tier as Troubleshooter opens in theaters. Details of this and other movies coming this week are below.


1. Borrowers (jp)– d. Hiromasa Yonebayashi, voiced by Ryunosuke Kamiki, Kirin Kiki www.arrietty/

2. Don’t Cry for Me Sudan (kr)–d. Ku Soo-hwan, starring Lee Tae-seok <documentary>

3. Earth Women (kr)– d. Kwon Woo-jeong, starring So Hee-joo, Kang Seon-hee <documentary>

4. Nodame Kantabine (jp)– d. Hideki Takeuchi, starring Juri Ueno, Hiroshi Tamaki

5. Troubleshooter (kr)– d. Kwak Hyeok-jae, starring Seol Keong-gu, Lee Jeong-jin

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